We love to help people have the very best Garage.

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Discover your personal style and the confidence that comes with it.

Everyone is a little different. Have you seen your neighbour’s garage? A privateer is someone who loves to customize their space and create their own version of paradise. Wanna upgrade your garage…? Us too!! Learn more about The Privateers Garage here.

Garage Upgrades for Everyone

Let us help you find the perfect upgrade for your garage

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The Privateers Garage

Garage Organization

Most people have too much stuff.
we can help!!
Get your stuff organized and set up so that you get the most out of it.
From bike racks to shelving to tips and tricks for organizing we do it all.

The Privateers Garage

Garage Heat and Insulation

Want to spend more time in your garage getting projects done?
We do too!
Learn about heating and insulating your garage for maximum benefit

The Privateers Garage

Garage Gear

We love gear!
From smart devices to tools and equipment we have it covered.
We review and recommend all the best stuff. We also use it so you know it works.