Solar Panels Calgary Are they Worth it?

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Solar Panels Calgary – Are they Worth it?

Solar energy can be a great alternative to fossil fuels that are more commonly used to power our homes. Of course, solar panels are not a good fit for certain areas, so it is important to take your geographic location into consideration before springing for a solar energy system.

Luckily, if you live in Calgary, solar panels can be a great fit for your energy needs! There are several different reasons why solar is a wise choice for Calgary homeowners, such as the amount of sunshine the city receives every year.

Take a look below to learn more about why solar can be worth it for you. 

Benefits of Solar Panels

Here are some of the benefits of installing a solar energy system for your home– many of these extend not only to homes in Calgary but beyond, too! Read on to learn more. 

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There are plenty of incentives in Alberta that make it very worth your while to install solar panels. They can help to offset the costs of installing a solar system, which can typically be quite high to start out with.

For instance, there are rebates that can be awarded based on the size of the system you have installed.

It is important to note, though, that in order to qualify for rebates, there are particular qualifications that must be met, both by your installer and your system. Rebates should be handled and applied for by your application company. 

Solar Irradiance

One of the reasons that Calgary is so well suited to solar energy efforts is that it is located in Alberta, which has a very high potential to produce solar energy. In fact, Alberta comes in second for this in all of Canada. This is due to the amount of solar irradiance that the area receives.

The average irradiance varies across Alberta, with lower irradiance in the north and west, and higher irradiance in the south and east. Calgary has the highest average irradiance, over cities such as Edmonton and Lethbridge.

Energy Costs

Solar power is a fantastic way to cut down on your energy costs when you are powering your home and appliances. The amount that you are able to save will depend on your location, as different areas have different electricity costs. A good electricity rate design will be crucial in helping you to save money.

Also, the higher your electricity rate is, the more opportunity you have to save money on utilities when you begin using solar power. If you live in an area that already has lower electricity rates, though, you will not end up saving as much money as in other areas. 

Eco-Friendly Energy

Of course, another huge draw when it comes to solar energy is that it is an environmentally friendly and renewable resource.

It is much better for the earth than fossil fuels, which we commonly use to power our homes. In recent years, homeowners have become more conscious of their environmental footprint, and are beginning to try to make more eco-friendly choices in many areas, including power and energy.

Solar Panel Cost

So, now that you have learned a bit more about solar, you may be wondering how much it would cost to install such a system. This can vary based on details such as the size of the system, but the average is about $2.64 per watt.

You can then calculate this by the number of watts in your system to get a cost estimate. Of course, costs can vary based on many other actors, so it is always better to contact your local installer or solar company for an accurate cost estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Calgary good for solar?

If you are considering solar panels and you live in Calgary, you’re in luck! Calgary is considered to be an ideal city to use solar power in, because it gets a good amount of sunlight throughout the year. On average, the city of Calgary will see around 2396 hours of sunlight each year– which can be converted into energy with a solar energy system. 

How long does it take for solar panels to pay for themselves in Alberta?

When thinking about implementing a solar energy system, you will of course want to know how long it will take to recoup your money. After all, everything you need for a solar energy system can often be a hefty investment starting out!

On average, it will take between 7 and 15 years for you to get the money back that you paid for your Alberta solar panels. This will partially depend on the grants that were available to you and the size of your solar energy system, too. 

Do solar panels make sense in Alberta?

Yes, solar panels do make sense in Alberta. While there is a significant startup fee to get everything you need and have it installed, a solar energy system can save you money down the road when you have to pay your utilities and electric bills. It is also more eco-friendly, which is a common concern for homeowners and homebuyers alike these days.

Currently, Alberta is listed as the #3 province for installing solar panels, and this is in part due to the amount of sunshine and good weather that the area will experience throughout the year. 

Is there a downside to having solar?

Solar is a great way to get your energy, but of course, there are some downsides, too. If you are considering a solar energy system, you will need to weigh both the pros and cons of installing solar panels.

For instance, there is a high initial cost of solar energy, as well as an inability to work on every type of roof. It can also be difficult to find someone who is experienced and able to install a solar energy system, depending upon your location. Plus, in the event of poor weather or minimal sunshine, your solar system may not be able to power your appliances or your home. 

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