Solar Heater For Camping

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Solar Heater For Camping

Solar energy is an energy source that has become more popular in recent years and comes with a plethora of benefits.

Due to this rise in popularity, there are plenty of ways that solar energy is now being used. It can be used to power almost any appliance. One example of a device that runs on solar heat is a solar air heater.

Read on to learn more about what a solar heater is and why it is something that you should look into purchasing— as well as for a breakdown of some of the best models of solar heater currently available. 

What Is a Solar Heater?

Of course, you will need to fully understand what a solar heater is before you decide whether or not it is something that you need. A solar heater is a device that captures and collects sunlight to turn it into energy and create heat to keep you warm.

At home, they can be used to heat water as part of a domestic hot water system. Portable solar heaters, are usually solar air heaters instead.

They can be beneficial to you for a number of reasons, which we will touch upon further in this article as well.  

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Benefits of a Solar Heater

One of the biggest benefits of a solar heater is that it can help to save you money! After all, solar energy is free, unlike fuel oil or natural gas, which are alternative energy sources for heat. This can therefore give you substantial energy savings, and put more money in your pocket that can then be used elsewhere!

Another benefit of solar heaters is that they can be used in areas where you do not have an electrical outlet or a traditional energy stem. This, of course, is because solar energy and sunlight is accessible everywhere! Solar heaters can be transported and used on the go, such as when you are camping out in the wilderness, too. 

Best Solar Heaters For Camping

Once you have decided to invest in a solar heater, you will have to start some research to ensure you choose the best model to fit your unique set of needs. Take a look at the below list for more information on some of the solar heaters on the market today, and which ones are a good choice for your camping excursions! 

Ecosolaris Chinook Solar Air Heater

The first solar air heater on this list is the Ecosolaris Chinook Solar Air Heater. This heater was designed in Canada and specifically for Canadian winters, so it will certainly be able to keep you warm and toasty while camping outside!

When at peak sun hours, the air heater is able to produce up to 5200 BTU of heating power.

The air heater is equipped with a large solar thermal box, which absorbs heat from the sun and then pushes it through a small fan to heat the area it is set up in. The model is completely self-sufficient because it is able to get all of the power it needs from the sun.

It also comes with a 1-year warranty for the solar panel and fan, as well as a 5-year warranty for the solar thermal box.

Solar Window Heater Company Original Window Heater

The Solar Window Heater Company Original Window Heater is a solar heater that implements a patented technology and design. This manufacturer has a patented panel absorber design that works to capture as much heat and sunlight as possible, while still being compact and easy to transport. It can increase the temperature of your area by 40 degrees in just a few minutes!

The Solar Window Heater Company Original Window Heater is manufactured with its carbon footprint in mind, and it is designed to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint. The air heater is made from wood, plexiglass, and aluminum.

This is a solar heater that has a great warranty! The warranty on this device comes with a 15-year warranty, which is higher than many of the warranties on this list. 

Solar Infra Systems Portable Air Heater

The next solar heater on our list is the Solar Infra Systems Portable Air Heater. It is another very portable option, and can also be mounted if you want to use it at home or in your outdoor backyard space!

There are a few different mounting options available here. It even has a special easel-like stand that you could take with you to your campsite if you are so inclined. Since the unit is small, it is not quite as powerful as the Solar Window Heater Company option— however, it is still able to increase the temperature of your space by 20 degrees. Certainly not bad! 

This model is manufactured with a fireproof and heavy-duty polycarbonate case. It, like other solar heaters, can be used anywhere there is sunlight. That could include out on the boat or while using your RV!

Arctica Solar 1500 Series Solar Air Heater

The Arctica Solar 1500 Series Solar Air Heater is considered to be a bit more of a permanent solar heater, but it can still be taken camping or used anywhere that there is access to sunlight. It has a small solar panel that powers a fan and a temperature regulator.

The temperature regulator is helpful as it makes sure the device is only in use or working when it is needed, based on the temperature of the area. It is able to increase the temperature of the air it is heating by up to 90 degrees, though this can vary based on the size of a space being heated. 

This air heater also comes with a warranty of 3 years.

Your Solar Home SolarSheat 1500GS

Last but not least is the Your Solar Home SolarSheat 1500GS! This is a larger and more heavy-duty option than some of the others on the list, so it is great for very low temperatures and is also well suited for when you travel with your RV— as it is not quite as portable as some other options.

It is strong enough that it can increase the temperature in your space by 40 or 50 degrees in certain cases! It is made from an aluminum frame with an automotive-grade powder coating. 

The Your Solar Home SolarSheat 1500GS is a device that is designed to last for 25 to 30 years without needing to be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a heater that runs on solar power?

There are many different appliances or devices that can run on solar power! Solar is such a great resource because it is renewable and does not release the same emissions that fuel sources like fossil fuels do. One of the appliances that can run on solar power is a heater.

There are many different sizes, heat outputs, and price points for solar air heaters— so there is one for every person’s individual needs.

Are solar air heaters worth it?

Solar air heaters can be an alternative to regular heaters, and use solar energy instead of fossil fuels, for instance. They can certainly be worth the investment, as installing solar energy typically ends up paying for itself within a fairly short amount of time.

For example, if you equip your home with solar heat and a solar air heater, your energy savings will equal the cost to buy the system in 5 to 7 years, and if you are using gas to heat your home, it can take 6 to 15 years to pay for itself. Solar air heaters can save you money in the long run!

Is there a heater that can be used in a tent?

One of the great benefits of many solar heaters is that they are portable and can be taken with you and used where there is no electrical access or access to traditional heating methods. For instance, there are many avid campers who bring solar heaters with them so that they can extend their camping season, even when it is cold out.

One heater that can be used inside your tent safely is called the Metkiio space heater. It has no flame or combustion, so carbon monoxide in your tent is not something you will have to worry about. 

What type of heater is best for camping?

There are many types of heaters out there, which you may find to be overwhelming. If you are looking for a heater to take with you camping, specifically, then you will want a heater that is portable.

A solar heater is typically preferable to a heater that runs on wood, for example, because all you have to do to power it is set it up and collect sunlight!

A wood heater would require you to bring your own wood, or collect wood from your area when you are camping— and there is always the concern that there will not be enough good wood to burn!

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