Garage Heating and Cooling

If you intend to use your garage for more than just a place to park your car you may be interested in heating it, or cooling it so that you can spend more time there as a workshop, storage area, man cave, camping prep zone, band rehearsal space, gym or anything else.

At The Privateers Garage, we know that so many of you use your garage, or want to use your garage for something more, but are limited because of this heating and cooling issue. For me, my detached garage doesn’t work very well for projects in the Calgary winters because it gets really cold here. I currently haven’t installed anything other than insulation in the walls and attic of my garage.

The intention is to one day put in a heating system but that will have to wait.

In Phoenix at our other house, we have the opposite problem, the A/C for the main house doesn’t extend to the garage so it gets really hot in there. Projects are limited in that garage too.

For this reason we started all these articles about how to address these problems. Hope you enjoy.

Garage Heating Articles

Garage Cooling Articles